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Cretaceous Period

The Cretaceous formations found in New Jersey are from upper Cretaceous series. They are all from the Campanian (71-84 mya) the Maastrichtian (65-71 mya) ,  Turonian (89-93 mya) or the Cenomian (94-99 mya) stages. There are no known deposits of Lower Cretaceous age in New Jersey.

The formations within these stages, from oldest to youngest are the Raritan, Magothy, Merchantville, Woodbury, Englishtown, Marshalltown, Wenonah, Mount Laurel, Navesink, Red Bank, Tinton, New Egypt and Basal Hornerstown.

Cretaceous Fossils of New Jersey can be broken down into the following phyllums.
See Cretaceous Invertebrate New Jesrsey Species for summary list of species.