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Class Anthozoa (Sea Anemones, Corals, Sea Pens)
    Subclass Zoanthara (Hexacorallia) (Sea Anemones, Corals)
        Order Scleractina  Bourne 1900 (Stony Star Corals)
            Suborder Fungiina Wells 1956
                Superfamily Fungoidea Wells 1956
                    Family Micrabaciidae Vaughan 1905

The micrabaciids are known from the Early Cretaceous (about 135 million years ago) to the recent. Micrabaciids are exclusively azooxanthellate, and all are solitary in growth form, laying unattached on soft substrates. Thirteen living species are known and an additional 22 species have been described as fossils, with one fossil form being found in New Jersey.

Micrabacia cribraria Stephenson 1916

Corallum solitary, cupoloid free with flat or slightly concave base, diameter about 7mm. The specimens are preserved as external molds.

    Micrabacia americana
Weller 1907, p. 271, pl. 5, figs 14-17

     Micrabacia cribaria
Wells 1933, p. 244

Range: Merchantville, Woodbury, Wenonah